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6 Signs You Are in Need of a Routine Doctor Visit

Certainly, you can opt for online medical consultation for your health doubts and experience the best doctor advice.

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So, when to book an online doctor appointment?

Whenever you feel uncomfortable with your health, it is the right time to go for a doctor's advice. Review the changes in your body and book your slot; be it due to weather, hormone changes or others.

Still, there are several signs that guide us to take a decision on making an effective doctor appointment, let’s check some of the symptoms below:

[1] High Fever:

There are different types of fever that a human body encounters; likewise, the cure is different from one another. Generally, our body gets heated when it naturally fights against the infection (varies disease to disease). On a normal scale, if you experience fever 102˚ or above for more than 1 day, seek for a doctor immediately.

[2] Bad Cold:

Sounds casual, but it is not easy to say when to visit a doctor for a cold. Again weather change could be a factor here, though if it stays longer to a week or more, you would certainly need a doctor intervene. For instance, whooping cough can even lead to sinus, which is untreated. Besides, if you have the flu, it is highly advised to consult a doctor online or go for a physical examination.

[3] Breathing issue or short breath:

Activities like trekking on high altitude, exacting exercises and other physical activities are some of the reasons when we feel the difference in our breath.

Keep a track of your health and visit a doctor if you are experiencing short breath; it may start with a chest or related pain. It is an alarm to consult a doctor!

[4] Sudden weight loss:

If you observe a sudden weight loss in any of your family members, it isn’t normal. Generally, people get this due to depression, overactive thyroid, diabetes or any other health issues. Keep a track of your body weight, as it says a lot about your health. For instance, if you have experienced a drop in weight i.e. 10% in the last six months, you should certainly look for a doctor’s appointment.

[5] Severe pain in different body parts:

Struggling with an uncertain pain in chest, back, pelvis or abdomen is a serious concern that strictly asks for a doctor consultation. We really don’t know if chest pain happens for gastric or heart attack reasons. Similarly, there are reasons for other body parts pain. Let’s not remain in a dilemma rather book a doctor’s consultation.

[6] Sudden mood change or focus issue:

There are different causes that a person experiences mood swings and loses concentration or focus; it might happen due to physical or bad mental health. Many people may face the same due to drug interaction. Make a note of your irregular sleeping habits and other physiological troubles and consult with your  health expert.

Thus, we see that we cannot wait for a major shock to remind us of the importance of our health. Go for a doctor consultation whenever you feel low or face any issues with your health; major or minor.

You can perform your best only when you are healthy & fit!

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