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6 Tips To Maintain Good Health This Winter: Common Diseases And Prevention

In different parts of the country, people can already sense the cold weather now as the commencement of the winter season is a welcome relief from the blazing sun. Consequently, you no longer experience sweat and heat when going out, and will rejoice in the extra cup of tea/coffee in the evening. With the relishment of the low temperature, the swapping weather brings possibilities of many health risks and infections. Thus, it is intrinsic to follow the winter healthy habits to maintain good health.

In many cities, it is a high time where people suffer from malaria and dengue which continues from the rainy season . Likewise, the new cold breezes can lead to winter season health problems. Genuinely, the winter season is a period that actually boosts a person’s immunity system; you really get to see a lot of vegetables.

During this phase, your body temperature goes down and tries to adjust to the new climate. To cope with the weather, it is essential to eat warm food, sleep well and stay active. The only matter of concern is not getting ill. Let’s learn about the common winter diseases and winter healthy tips below:

6 Common Winter Diseases in India:

  1. Common cold: In winter, it is usual to see people getting colds that might be due to various viruses. In this, rhinovirus (RV) is the most common viral infection found in humans in cold weather. The virus is capable of activating asthma attacks and is associated with ear and sinus infection. Due to less absorption of sunlight (Vitamin D), your immunity lowers down and becomes vulnerable to different viruses. People often experience sore throat, runny nose, headache and cough.
  2. Strep Throat: Just like sore throat, a strep throat is very annoying that makes you uncomfortable. This is something worse than a sore throat as you feel scratchy in the throat and also experience fever along with it. The infection commonly targets children in the winter season. If untreated, the condition can even lead to serious complications such as kidney inflammation and heart illness.
  3. Pneumonia: The condition is caused by different viruses, fungi and bacteria, and infects the respiratory tract. The mild viral pneumonia can be treated at home as it only stays for a few weeks. Whereas the severe condition needs attention in the hospital. It may impact your lungs as the air sacs get filled with pus or fluid. Symptoms that can be observed are: cough with phlegm, chills, fever and difficulty in breathing. 
  4. Respiratory disease: Winter is concerned with dry air that also irritates your lungs and makes it a struggle to breathe. The low temperature makes the mucus thicker and stickier in the throat; leading to airway blockage. It also increases the risk of getting infection and cold. Besides, the other factors that escalate problems for the respiratory system in winter are smoke, pollution, and seasonal allergy. 
  5. Joint pain: In the winter season, due to the cold weather your muscles get tight and tense leading to low-level flexibility for joints. Apparently, elderly people can understand the pain that they undergo. There is still a scientific wrangle to prove the actual relation between winter and joint aches, but it is common for many to find soreness in their knees, hips and ankles. This is one of the usual struggles in the winter season.
  6. Seasonal affective disorder: Not so well known to everyone, seasonal affective disorder is a mental chaos similar to depression. The condition can be perceived in the winter weather that results in the low energy level and mood swing of a person. In simple terms, it can be labelled as “winter blues.” You can undergo some psychotherapy or consult a doctor for medication to improve the condition. All it needs is motivation and control of your mood.

6 Key tips to stay healthy in winter:

You can happily journey through the climate using some self-care tips that keep you healthy without falling ill. Follow the below tips to enjoy the cosy climate:

  1. Stay Hydrated: It is integral for your body to consume water for detoxification, as required everyday. As it is important to drink water in summer, it is imperative for winters too. Whereas in winters, people are less to this habit due to the cold weather and that your kidneys excrete extra urine during this time. It’s not just the sweating that alerts you to drink fluid but it is the demand of the human body; it keeps you hydrated. Consequently, you should have water at different intervals of the day; around 3.7 litres for men and 2.7 litres for women.
  2. Maintain your skin: This is another challenge that is certain for many people in the winter season. Due to less humidity in the air, you would feel an itchy and dry nose with chapped lips. Unlikely, men face dry shaving concerns and are prone to shaving cuts and nicks. Besides, people are unsettled with cracked heels, patches and skin redness throughout the season. Using glycerin and lip balm would be convenient to protect your skin from the dryness.
  3. Exercise: Cold muscles are the greatest fear of elderly people which drives them to various injuries and strains. You would even perceive the discomfort if you have weak bones/muscles or had an injury earlier. Thus, begin your day with some static stretches to warm up. You can also try out some of the advanced stretches (if your body allows) to relax your joints and loosen your muscles. Arm circles, high steps, arm swings, lunges etc. are some of the basics that you can start with.
  4. Prevention from insects: In search of food and shelter, pests look for indoor protection as it feels cold outside. Cockroaches, mosquitoes, spiders and flies are familiar winter insects that can cause some serious nuisance to you. Whether it is your food, clothes or household commodities, these insects can ruin everything. If they get in contact, the consequences can be found with various skin and health infections. Hence, it becomes integral to take the necessary measures and prevent them from coming inside. Close any unwanted holes and keep your home dry.
  5. Proper Diet: Maintaining a balanced diet full of whole grains, poultry, nuts, herbs and legumes is intrinsic in winter; the substances will boost your immunity system. Whereas, fruits are crucial to keep your energy high. Besides, avoid watery foods such as watermelon, buttermilk water and muskmelon, as these can cause swelling. You can certainly look for a Vitamin C rich food intake for a healthy winter.
  6. Health Checkup: There is no harm in getting your health checked even if you don’t experience any serious symptoms. It’s prevention that helps us to know about our body before getting trapped by any severe illness. For instance, people over the age of 40 are more likely to be at risk of hypertension and diabetes. Consequently, a yearly or half-yearly health checkup will update you on your health and wind up the spread.

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