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6 Ways to protect your kidney health

Why is it important to protect kidneys?

The organ is made up of nephrons that are used as filter units in human body. Each nephron has a glomerulus and a tubule that assist in blood filter and waste removal. The additional water and the waste then become urine; the blood travels to the kidneys several times and continues the process through the day. As an estimate, 150 quarts of blood is filtered daily by your kidneys, and out of this only 1 or 2 quarts turned into urine.

Besides, kidneys helps to develop hormones that;

  • Manage your blood pressure
  • Develop healthy and strong bones
  • Build red blood cells

Any complications in the system would lead to blood filter deficit and cause serious health issues.

Protect Your Kidney Health:

It is imperative to understand and maintain your kidney health for the overall well-being. The symptoms only get detected after it turns advanced. Consequently, it is crucial to track the signs of kidney issues and get them fixed before it reaches the worst stage. 

People with obesity or similar family health history are more likely to carry the risk. It is integral for them to regularly assess their health to prevent kidney disease.

If undetected or untreated, kidney diseases can cause:

  • Kidney failure
  • Nerve damage
  • Anaemia
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart attack or stroke

6 Tips To Protect Your Kidney Health:

  1. Drink enough water: Water intake helps kidney function as it provides the required nutrients to the organ, and moves the urine to the bladder. If you are drinking enough water, it helps the kidney filter to function properly and prevent infections and kidney stones. 3 litres per day is the ideal water intake suggested by doctors. You might need more water in summers or when sick. Apparently, dehydration has a direct impact on your health and may damage your kidneys.
  2. Consume less salt: As we all know that salt is a bad nutrient for people suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure, which is one of the reasons affecting your kidneys. Generally, salt increases the protein ratio found in your urine which is harmful for people already struggling with kidney disease. This also creates a risk of developing kidney stones.
  3. Eat healthy food: Trust us, everything that you eat or drink is processed by your kidneys; whether it is a burger or a cold drink. It carries every fat, salt, sugar etc. Likewise, whatever you eat shows up by your body. Thus, a bad diet directs you towards imbalanced blood pressure, obesity and other kidney illnesses. Whereas, a kidney friendly diet keeps your body healthy; include fresh vegetables, seasonal fruits and whole grains to your meals.
  4. Less use of Antibiotics: Antibiotics are common drugs used in flu or bacteria-fighting, but are unsafe for people with kidney issues. It has an intense impact on your body and may block the urine flow. In some people, the drugs can also break down the kidney cells during the filter process. Therefore, it is recommended to be used only on doctor’s advice with limited dosage.
  5. No supplements: There are sundry supplements available in the market, but they don’t seem to be safe for your kidneys; especially chemical-based products. If you are already undergoing any kidney treatment, it is integral to avoid such supplements. In addition, if you come across any kidney tonic or kidney health supplement, it is intrinsic to consult with your doctor in the first place.
  6. Medication overdose: Just like antibiotic drugs, there are many other medicines that can hamper your kidney health. Painkillers and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are some common medications that can trouble your health when you take it often or in overdose. Around 5% of total casualties are found due to the high dosage in people.

Don’t wait to get it worse:

It is imperative to detect the kidney health risk at the first phase. For elders, it is advised to undergo specific kidney tests as a part of your regular health check up. Your health assessment will help to perceive your kidney condition. A preliminary action can save you from kidney failure or related kidney issues.

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