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Are depression and work stress killing your mental peace?

According to WHO, an unhealthy or negative working environment can lead to:

  1. Loss of productivity 
  2. Absenteeism 
  3. Mental as well as physical health concerns 
  4. Increased usage of substance.

 Stress at work can result in a lot of anxiety and you might feel depressed at several moments. Book an online medical consultation from anywhere now on KR4ALL. 

Symptoms of work depression 

There are several factors that can help you realize if you have work depression or work anxiety. Any time you identify these signs, you must seek medical attention. If you are undergoing these symptoms, you can book an online doctor consultation on KR4ALL.  

Here are a few signs and symptoms of work depression:

Increased levels of anxiety at work or even thinking about work when you are away from work.

An overall feeling of boredom at work. 

Low energy levels and lack of motivation. 

Prolonged feeling of sadness or low mood.

Feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and worthlessness. 

Losing interest in the tasks or activities that one used to find interesting before.

Making too many errors at work. 

Inability to pay attention to finish any work tasks.

Trouble retaining memory and remembering things.

Drastic increase or decrease in weight as well as appetite. 

Physical complaints like headache, fatigue and upset stomach.

Impaired ability of decision making.

Irritability and increased anger. 

Crying spells at work with or without any apparent triggers.

Trouble sleeping i.e. sleeping too little or too much. 

What can you do if you feel depressed while working?

Take a break for 10 minutes. 

Go outdoors for a small walk. 

Talk to your colleagues during lunch breaks and don’t isolate yourself.

Pause your work and do some quick breathing exercises for 10 minutes.

Practice a few minutes of mindful meditation between work hours. 

Say no to one small task that can reduce the stress during your day. 

Watch a casual and funny video. 


If you are noticing any link between your depressive symptoms and your workplace, just don’t hesitate to seek medical attention. You can talk to any immediate help like talking to your boss or maybe any other colleague that will be supportive. Experiencing the symptoms of anxiety and depression at work can be very overwhelming. Identifying the signs and symptoms of work depression including crying, boredom, anxiety and lack of interest is the first step. There are various ways of dealing with work depression and anxiety as we mentioned before but if it gets too overbearing, you can always reach out to a therapist or psychologist. Consult doctors online 24/7 and ask unlimited health questions to the best specialists across the country on KR4ALL

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