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Common signs you need to see a mental health counselor

Psychotherapy, mental counseling, or talking therapy is all about understanding the condition that you are struggling with. All these mental health sessions aid people with emotional difficulties and mental concerns.

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Why to consult a specialist?

Therapies and communication help people to improve their mental health symptoms. When undergoing such practice, one learns to handle their symptoms that they find challenging during the treatment. Consequently, therapies work faster and have a powerful impact on people than medication. Practically, medicines help you reduce symptoms, but these one-on-one sessions gain you skills to discover new symptoms.

You certainly continue to improve your symptoms even after the therapy ends!

Are mental health conditions common in people?

Unfortunately, mental health conditions are growing worldwide. And, the saddest part is most of the people are unaware of their condition. Around 1 of every 5th adult is living with a mental condition, and only 40% of them get help.

Untreated mental health conditions can get serious with different negative effects on your body. These conditions can even lead to:

  • Difficulties in your relationship
  • Risk of other health issues
  • Reduced productivity
  • Fatigue
  • Suicide

Should I consult a specialist?

In India, we don’t consider mental health as an illness; most of the people are living with it. However, one who understands, feels tragic to see their loved ones dealing with bad mental health, and it becomes a wrangle situation to tell them to visit a specialist or go for a therapy.

Necessarily, if the mental condition starts affecting your life and daily functions, therapy is the most recommended practice one should undergo. The consultation helps you to apprehend your feelings, reasons, and aid to manage them.

The session furnishes an open platform to discuss your struggles and current life challenges, such as griefs, breakups, assault etc

If you perceive any of the below feelings or emotions, you can certainly consult a doctor online or book an online medical consultation with KR4ALL.

6 Common Signs to Consult a Mental Health Counselor:

[1] Anxious: Worrying about family or career is common, but once the feeling starts affecting your physical health, it is the time to consult a doctor or a therapist. Keeping things back up of your mind whole day is troublesome.

[2] Fatigue: Sleeping more hours a day and still feeling tired indicates abnormal mental health. The condition is also termed as a sign of depression.

[3] Hopelessness: Bad days are for everyone, but losing hope in life certainly puts you in depression and immensely affects your mental health. The worst can even lead to suicide. Whereas, continuous motivation keeps you focused to achieve milestones in life. 

[4] Apathy: The condition includes loss of interest in relationships, usual activities and worldly things. The mental condition brings anxiety and depression. 

[5] Overwhelmed: The feeling of working with so many things together or struggling with different issues at a time makes you feel overwhelmed, which directly affects your mental health. You may feel restless or feel like issues with breathing.

[6] Uncertain anger and rage: Anger is a part of every human behaviour. Even rage is not distressful. If you or any of your loved ones is observed with uncertain anger, then that is a matter of serious concern. Consulting with a family member or a conselor for anger management is advised. Consequently, the situation can change to violence or physical harmful actions if untreated.

Benefits of KR4ALL online medical consultation:

  • Know about your mental and physical health
  • Achieve your mental goals
  • Improved lifestyle
  • Better way of living

Don’t sit back to seek help on your mental difficulties. Talk to your loved ones or consult a doctor for improved mental health.

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