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Common Work-From-Home Health Challenges and Solution

Whether it is uncertain weight gain, fatigue or mental stress, everyone is struggling with their health somehow, with decreasing work productivity during this phase of work from home.

We, KR4ALL, a one-stop integrated digital healthcare solution observed some common health challenges faced by working professionals, and have precisely explained the reasons and solutions for our readers; let’s check them below:

Common Work-From-Home Health Challenges:

1. Strained Eyes:

Sitting in front of your laptop gazing at the screen for long hours is not good practice for your eyes. It is the same that employees face in the office too, but in the work-from-home culture, employees are found extending work hours to 10-12 hours daily. Not only laptop screens, but people are also hooked to mobile screens that they use for social media scroll. Overall, the activities create stress on eyes, leading to serious concerns.

Solution: A quick tip to help your eyes is to apply protective screens on your computer. In addition, users can wear anti-radiation glasses while working. The goal is not to come directly in contact with the screen light. Try to take short breaks and blink eyes at different intervals or perform eye exercises to prevent dry eyes. If you find displeasure, sprinkle some cold water, and keep eyes closed for 5-10 mins. You can certainly consult an eye specialist online with KR4ALL for any major concerns.

2. Neck or Back Pain:

Working from home while being on a sofa or lying on bed sounds relaxing, but it’s more troublesome than sitting on a straight chair. The uncertain body posture for continuous hours results in severe pain in the back or neck, which also affects the spinal cord.

Solution: The basic rule is to sit in a chain (regular posture) to support your back. Also, you can take some short breaks to walk or perform some stretching exercises. It will aid in relaxation and prevent any harm. In case of continued pain, you have the option to consult the specialist online on KR4ALL app.

3. Stress:

Being ignored, stress is one of the major mental conditions that people have come across during their work-from-home tenure. There are different elements costing mental stress; long working hours, tight project deadlines, job security, lack of human touch, etc. Continuous efforts from the brain increase the stress level and cause other issues such as hypertension, insomnia, headache etc. 

Solution: To prevent stress, it is integral to bring rest to our brain by getting proper sleep. Another thing is to control our mind; one can perform yoga or meditation for improved results. Lastly, keep joy around you; find every reason to enjoy little success to relieve stress.

4.Sedentary life habits:

The sudden shift from the regular office visits to remote work has impacted everyone’s life. People start their day from bed and straight away switch to working mode. There are people who sleep, work and eat from the bed. Overall, everyone has adopted sedentary habits during this phase. This lifestyle comes up with various health risks such as imbalance blood pressure, obesity, heart risks etc.

Solution: To avoid a sedentary lifestyle, we need to ensure to keep ourselves motivated and active at home. Starting a day with early morning exercise or a walk is the best setup. Moreover, eat healthy food that gives you energy to perform operations throughout the day, also never miss out on your meals.

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