Got vaccinated? Here's what you need to still follow to stay secure

Not only the two vaccine doses, but the Indian government has appreciated the vaccine booster to prevent people from any upcoming wave. People are following several covid safety precautions to avoid any uncertainty, and continue to check updates on the novel virus during different intervals of the year.

Got both Covid-19 vaccine doses, what next?

As reported, there are many covid positive cases, where the patient has already got both the vaccine doses, but got infected. That means, even if you are one of them who has taken both the vaccine doses to fight against the virus, you can still be a victim. Likewise, there is no claim by the vaccine injection manufacturers as it is issued more as an immune enhancer for the human body.

Consequently, you have to continue following certain post vaccination precautions to safeguard your family and yourself, even if you get the second vaccine dose.

Things you need to know about the Covid-19 vaccine injection in India

As most of you already know, the government of India has shown immense trust in two vaccines; Covishield (Serum Institute of India) and Covaxin (Bharath Biotech). Each vaccine has 2 doses with different time gap periods.

Covishield: The Oxford–AstraZeneca vaccine is available in the Indian market by the name Covishield. In Jan 2021, The immunisation was approved for conditional use in the country by the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI). On one hand, the vaccine helped the people of India to boost their immunity, and on the other, it has also helped other countries in filling their vaccine supply gap. More than 19 million doses of covishield vaccine were supplied to different countries from India.

Covaxin: More than 100 million people have shown trust in this vaccine which was validated by the WHO in November 2021, and is now recognised by 13 countries worldwide. The substance revolves around the traditional technology that can be called similar to polio vaccine. The vaccine has undergone four different phases before being introduced to the real-world. Not only preliminary results, but the immunisation is also effective for later discovered Covid-19 variants.

*A vaccination drive for children aged 12-14 started in March and the drive shows positive outcomes.

Covid safety precautions after vaccine

After you get your covid-19 gab, you are asked to stay in the vaccine centre for sometime, to review any allergic conditions. Besides, some also experience fever, headache or body pain for a few days which is normal. Vaccine takes some days to develop the immunity molecules in your body that are required to fight the virus.

It's a little tricky to confirm if a person with complete vaccination is safe from the coronavirus. Apart from the immunisation, there are certain covid safety precautions that you should continue to protect yourself. Let's learn about them below:

[1] Don’t visit crowded places: As everyone knows, gathering is the major reason for the spread of coronavirus. Especially older people and children are strongly advised to elude any large-gathering functions, as they are prone to the virus. If you have ever been covid positive and recovered now, it is believed that you can suffer from the virus again, even if you got two doses of the vaccine. Only take part in important functions or events maintaining social distance.

[2] Don’t leave your mask: India is moving towards a mask-free country, but it is still integral to wear masks for your protection when you are out in public. Keep your mask with you and use it when you find yourself around a group of people. It is a sense of public health responsibility that you should maintain everytime.

[3] Get your antibody test: Once you have the active immunisation with both vaccination doses, it becomes intrinsic to go for a covid antibody test. This test will identify your ability to fight against the virus in the future. It is recommended for older people, diabetic, and people with low immunity.

[4] Track your health closely: If you have ever been infected by the coronavirus, it becomes imperative for you to track your health. The virus certainly attacks your immune system and makes it weak. You should book a full-body checkup at least once in a year. Hence, you need to closely monitor your health changes and stay healthy. Besides, stay updated on the covid cases in your city and follow the government guidelines.

[5] Avoid unnecessary travel: It’s still not safe to travel or plan a vacation as it can be risky for you and your family. Whether it is a domestic holiday or an international tour, you can’t allow the exposure. If it is important, check the current Covid status of the destination and prepare yourself.

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