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How Digital Health Helps Athletes

Modern-day athletes undergo advanced training drills, and technology plays an imperative role in making them top-notch players. Becoming a well established athlete is all about years of hard work, long training, and sacrifices. You certainly need to skip important events, spend less time with your family, and give up your favourite foods too. With busy training throughout the year, it really makes you tired, both physically and mentally.

Digital health is a boon to the sports industry that helps athletes understand their health and injuries, and recover at a much quicker pace. It's an asset that is always connected to them for their well-being.

Apparently, digital health possesses a positive impact on an athlete's health and performance, which is also known to their managers and team management. Consequently, authorities encourage the advancement of thriving to incentivised benefits. The real-time data and training records help the team's physician to perceive each player's progress and help them to prevent any injuries. It is believed that digital healthcare will enhance a player's career longevity.

How digital healthcare solutions make a difference to athletes:

Online health services have a great influence on a sports team. It optimises an athlete's game time, as it concludes which players are fit enough to enter the field. Overall, it boosts athletes and helps them identify their health concerns and do better. There are assorted digital health services that support athletes. Let's check out some of the advanced digital health tools and services below:

  1. Wearables: Digital wearables are ubiquitous that are efficiently helping an athlete to check on their performance and improve their results. Not only for professionals, but these gadgets are also available for youngsters who are looking to build-up as maestros. These wearables monitor both the internal and external workload of a player so that the trainer can make decisions on training changes or allow rest for the team. These are highly valuable for understanding an athlete’s recovery protocol as well. The wearables have sensors that measure players’ physiology and data that is recorded for easy analysis. With the advancement, teams can measure various movement-based player aspects such as velocity, distance and acceleration.
  2. Health Tracking: Digital health is an essential resource for teams to track their players’ health. There are dedicated health platforms that are not only easy to use but also cost-effective and flexible. Big sports teams, health research centres and Olympic committees are already using the benefits for athlete health tracking. These systems simplify data collection methods and aid in the overall health tracking of a sportsperson; wellness monitoring, tracking injuries, training completion checks, tests, assessments etc.
  3. Instant doctor assistance: The health of an athlete is always a matter of concern for the team, whether one is on training or off training. Consequently, it becomes integral for each player to stay connected with a doctor who continues to guide them or is available at any time for help. Digital health services make it convenient for athletes to reach a doctor when in need. The system is so smooth that you can even communicate with the concerned person just using your smartphone and the internet.
  4. Fast recovery from injuries: Technology has significantly emerged to connect different dots, helping athletes in their quick recovery. For instance, devices such as BMP physio use laser therapy to review joint displacement of a patient and assess the risk of any injury; the report helps trainers to monitor the injury recovery progress. Likewise, digital health supports quality sleep, which is an intrinsic element in the recovery process.
  5. Maintaining a nutritious diet: Due to the heavy physical training, a nutritious diet is intrinsic for every athlete, and each player is mentioned to follow the strict diet. Digitisation brings a solution to this stress as finding the best customised diet plan is a lot easier now. The advancement has brought genetics and nutritional science together. The genetic makeup of humans varies from person to person, and it really affects what each player is eating. Digital health develops a plan for athletes on eating habits to keep them loaded with energy, and stay healthy. It perfectly manages your workout and meal plans.

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