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How technology helps against chronic diseases

The world has recently passed through a global health crisis, “COVID”, that has changed everyone’s perception of health and wellness. The phase has significantly highlighted how patients struggling with chronic diseases are more prone to viruses and diseases. 

As reported, more than 240 million people are bound to hypertension, whereas more than 70 million people are diabetic, and around 60 million people are struggling with cardiovascular conditions. Apart from these common chronic diseases, other illnesses such as asthma and arthritis are a concern for people. Consequently, experts perceive digital healthcare solutions as an imperative asset to manage the growing chronic disease population.

Understanding chronic diseases:

Chronic diseases are prolonged illnesses that require long-term medical attention. If not attended to carefully, these conditions can deteriorate the life of a person. In some situations, your condition might become incurable and certainly tax your physical and mental health. For instance, hypertension affects your blood pressure, which results in a risk of heart stroke, attack or damage to your kidneys. 

What’s causing chronic diseases?

As per the findings, the major reasons for chronic disease in people are family genetics, improper lifestyle habits, and stress. Besides, in India, around 60% of the diabetic people are recorded from urban areas. The growing concern is seen in people over age 30.

Apparently, the treatment of chronic diseases begins with a doctor's consultation followed by health monitoring, lab tests, and regular medicine intake. People are also advised to make changes to their dietary habits. These are painful diseases that last several years or that you might experience for a lifetime.

As reported in most cases, patients have revealed the delay in the identification of illness and getting the correct guidance in the first place. Another challenge faced by people in India is the inadequate ratio of doctors to patients in the country.

A digital healthcare system will enable patients to agile the treatment process and track the improvements; from initial doctor consultation to further follow ups. KR4ALL, India’s first discovery platform for complete healthcare services, helps you to instantly connect with a doctor, order your medicine online, and book lab tests.

Not just video consultation, but you also have a system to keep your medical documents. This helps doctors understand your medical history and serve you healthier.

How digital healthcare services help against chronic diseases:

  1. Identifying the gaps: Digitization in healthcare is a boon to society because it facilitates the identification of serious risk in a patient of developing a chronic illness. For improved results, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and effective analytic tools serve across different industries. In addition, predictive analytics of patient records such as payment information, medical records, and guidelines help healthcare practitioners understand and manage their patients. The system precisely aids in the chronic disease's progress with limited resources; possessing great impact. Consequently, the developed system prevents any unnecessary cost and eliminates the doctor-patient gap.
  2. Better coordination and communication: Seriously, advancement is one of the reasons that runs quick operations and helps patients with expedited interaction with the respective healthcare partner. Digital healthcare software is bringing agility to the system that is required for the success of the medical industry. These systems make healthcare services work 24x7 for patients, providing them with more resources and multiple channels to communicate with the healthcare department. Moreover, the contribution of digital chatbots certainly increases the speed and communication efficiency.
  3. User-friendly health monitoring approach: The steadiness of smartphone technology and internet resources has proven to be effective in monitoring and tracking chronic disease symptoms. This innovation is accessible to everyone in the form of affordable wearable gear. Moreover, sensor technology fascinates users in personal care, especially for patients suffering from chronic diseases. These user-friendly systems are easily connected to your internet-connected smart devices and present you with insights on a patient's progress. The data is immensely useful to prevent your condition and encourage you towards healthy living.
  4. Telemedicine: We no longer live in an era where a doctor's consultation is limited to a physical visit. The COVID phase has been tremendous for the internet and technology that has brought people out of their comfort zones and tested innovation. Certainly, the new system results in quality care for chronic disease patients. The complete process of consulting a doctor online, getting yourself prescribed, and getting the medicine drives into responsive care. Besides, the trend is not restricted to any geographical limitations; you can connect with a doctor from anywhere at any time!

Digital infrastructure is the need of the hour in the health sector. As the burden of chronic diseases continues to grow, experts can rely on innovation to serve society effectively. Technology in healthcare will bring quality care to these patients and assist them on time. The digital healthcare framework approach is transparent, agile, and flexible.

Digital healthcare services are exciting for people, driving quality of life and helping in taking expeditious actions that will reduce the spread of different chronic illnesses in the public. Society and government should seriously look into the adoption of healthcare technology for the overall betterment.

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KR4ALL- Making digital health services easy for patients

A chronic disease can trouble you in the long-run, but you can certainly prevent the out-turns if it’s identified in the initial stage. It’s all about getting a prompt response from a doctor about your symptoms and getting your treatment started. 

KR4ALL provides digital healthcare services in India to serve people with quick doctor consultation and benefit them with other medical care; online medicine delivery, lab tests, ambulance booking etc. 

We aim to develop a comfortable, fast, and heedful environment for healthcare in the country.

Connecting with a doctor earlier really makes a difference!

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