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Monkeypox infection outbreak: Causes and Symptoms

As the infection was first discovered in monkeys in 1958, it has been called monkeypox, and was later found in humans in 1970.

In many people, monkeypox symptoms are found to stay for a few weeks, whereas many people have observed different health complications and a few have also experienced death. In the worst cases, people are found with symptoms like pneumonia, skin infection and eye irritation. Newborn babies, children, and people with a low immunity are likely to be at serious risk due to the infection. 

How does monkeypox get transmitted to humans?

The common cause of monkeypox spread in humans is by coming in contact with an infected animal. It is immensely caused by a sick or dead wild animal. Likewise, any animal meat in the infected area should be carefully cooked, as it is likely meant to be a reason for the virus outbreak. Consequently, protect yourself to reach out to animals if there are positive cases in your area or city.

Similar to animals, monkeypox virus can also spread from human to human by physical contact. Any symptomatic person retains the virus for at least 2-3 weeks, and can infect its surrounding in different ways. Even staying together with the person and sharing a common towel, bedding, clothes and other objects can be vicious. Health workers, family members and lovemaking partners are more likely to be at higher risk. Besides, the virus can spread from one’s saliva, sweat and blood. 

What are the symptoms of monkeypox infection?

There are typical signs found in people after getting affected by the infection, such as headache, fatigue, muscle and back pain, fever, and skin rashes. Generally, one will experience fever and after 2-3 days rashes can be seen on the body. Besides, a range to thousands of flat lesions filled with yellowish fluid can be noticed on the body that can dry up or fall later.

These rashes may look similar to herpes or chickenpox, and occur on a person’s different body parts; palms, feet and face. Many have also found the condition affecting eyes, mouth and genitals which could be painful too.

These symptoms can be treated without medication at home as it lasts for not more than 4 weeks. Consequently, it is imperative to seek a doctor's advice primarily to prevent it from getting worse.

Are you at risk from monkeypox?

If you are someone who has been in contact with a monkeypox infected person or animal, you are likely to be exposed to the infection. Moreover, it is trusted that people who have had smallpox vaccination in their lifetime are less likely to react to the threat. Though, it is integral for everyone to follow the precautions.

There is still no assured treatment for the infection, but doctors can relax the symptoms using medication; smallpox antivirals can be considered in the treatment for the virus. For infected people, it is advised to stay in isolation until they get fresh layered skin from the crusted lesions.

Fortunately, the infection is limited to certain countries at the moment, and is not a global concern like coronavirus. Countries are keeping a close eye on the travellers from the infected countries and taking measures to prevent spreading the virus.

Monkeypox outbreak- is it the next global pandemic?

The infection is spread only due to a close physical contact with an infectious person. Consequently, it isn’t contagious and the risk to the general public is considered as low. Generally, it spreads from skin to skin.

Medical agencies and organisations are handling the threat on the utmost level, and are doing their best to avoid any further expansion. The current cases revealed are typically from the endemic countries and there is no such travel report found that could be the reason for the monkeypox outbreak. More importantly, countries are continuously working on awareness campaigns preventing any forthcoming transmission.

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What are you experiencing: Chickenpox or Monkeypox?

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