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Top 6 Benefits of Taking Collagen Supplements

6 health benefits of taking Collagen

1) Improved skin health

Collagen is one of the most crucial components of our skin as it benefits the elasticity and hydration of the skin. With growing age, our body starts producing less collagen that resulting in dry skin and hence the formation of wrinkles. According to various studies, collagen peptides and collagen supplements have a positive impact on slowing down aging as well as reducing wrinkles and dryness. The intake of collagen supplements also stimulates the body to produce collagen on its own again as well as other proteins that help structure the skin i.e., elastin and fibrillin. Collagen supplements are also anecdotal for acne and other skin conditions.

2) Relieves joint pain 

Cartilage is a rubber-like tissue that protects the joints in our body. The integrity of the cartilage is maintained by collagen. The lack of collagen in the body can lead to degenerative joint diseases such as osteoarthritis. As we get older, the amount of collagen in our bodies decreases. Consumption of collagen supplements helps in improving the symptoms of osteoarthritis and reduces joint pain. According to various researches, supplemental collagen may accumulate in the cartilage resulting in your tissues making more collagen. Collagen consumption is suggested for lowering inflammation, improving joint support as well as reducing pain. 

3) Prevents bone loss

Collagen is the component that gives structure and strength to your bones. As collagen decreases in the body with age, so does bone density. As the bone mass decreases, your bones are more at risk of getting fractured.

4) Boosts Muscle mass 

Almost 10% of muscle tissues are made up of collagen. It is a protein supplement that is necessary for strengthening your muscles and for their proper functioning. The intake of collagen supplements helps in promoting the synthesis of muscle proteins such as creatine. Clubbing regular exercise with collagen intake stimulates muscle growth as well. 

5) Promotes heart health 

Collagen supplements are extremely helpful for reducing heart-related health issues as it provides structure to the blood vessels as well as arteries. Lack of collagen can result in weak and fragile arteries.  

6) Other health benefits 

Nail and hair- Collagen supplement consumption boost the strength of nails by warding off brittleness. It is beneficial for stimulating the growth of your hair and nails. 

Gut Health: Collagen supplements are pivotal for treating intestinal permeability or leaky gut syndrome.

Brain Health: Collagen is claimed to improve mood disorders and reduce anxiety symptoms.

Weight loss: Collagen boosts metabolism and hence helps in the reduction of weight. It is recommended to consume collagen if you are trying to lose weight.

Take away 

Collagen has a lot of benefits. It promotes the health of various body parts including hair, nails, gut health as well as heart health. It is always recommended to consume collagen along with your regular diet. To get a better understanding of Collagen and its benefits you can book an appointment online with the best specialists across the country on KR4ALL app.

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