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Why should you choose online doctor consultation

Can We Trust Online Doctor Consultation?

Suffering from any symptoms is the initial sign to have your health checked. Converse with a doctor at the earliest to detect the cause and process with the treatment. Many times, delay in identifying the actual illness leads to a worse situation. The online services nimbles the whole process with no barrier of physical presence. Consequently, it proves to be effective in first-time consultation, regular checkups, and post-tests consultation.

Virtual doctor consultation is a part of digital health services, and is now favoured worldwide. Apparently, it depends on the doctor’s knowledge and experience whom you are interacting with. The contactless consultation is termed as the future of the doctor appointment that brings flexibility, agility and saves you time.

It’s a healthcare extension that works efficiently for both patient and the doctor. The main goal of the digital doctor consultation is to assess the symptoms, and then detect the illness and start with the treatment; in-house, in the clinic or in the hospital.

KR4ALL, digital health services works on a mobile application module that not only helps you to talk to a doctor online, but also order medicine online after the consultation; everything from one doctor consultation app!

Why Should You Choose Online Doctor Consultation:

As we already mentioned above about the no-physical presence and flexibility, there are many other reasons to adopt online consultation in today’s world. Let’s learn about the key factors below:

  1. Prompt medical attention: During situations when a person begins to feel sudden unease with their health, online medical consultation is the expedite approach to seek a doctor’s advice. The service aids you to connect with an available specialised doctor and get the initial consultation. The consultation is effective to treat severe fever, fatigue, body ache, nausea, vomit etc. at home. Besides, it is recommended to visit your nearest health centre for any emergency such as attack, bleeding, stroke etc.
  1. Access to specialised doctors: Online doctor consultation eliminates the limitation of availing the best doctor advice. If you ever see it as a challenge to find a reliable health specialist near you, then online consultation serves your requirement. The virtual doctor service brings you access to different specialists in the country and connects with them effortlessly.
  1. Understanding about your symptoms at home: There are “n” types of fever caused by different infections or changes in your body which are hard to determine, as the symptoms may look similar. Likewise, one cannot treat each condition the same way. Online doctor chat will help you to perceive your health state and follow the required precautions. Whether you require an antibiotic or undergo some blood tests, a quick online doctor advice brings you effectiveness. 
  1. Easy doctor appointment booking: The best thing about online doctor appointments is that you can book your slot easily without fail. The online platforms run on transparency helping you with pre-available doctor slots. Consequently, you get your desired doctor appointment. Besides, you always have alternative doctor choices, if the other doctor is unavailable or full on a particular date and time.
  1. Second opinion: Believe or not, a second opinion on your health consultation keeps you on a safer side. There are different technologies and treatment methods used by respective specialists, and the results may save you from a surgery. Apparently, if you are unsatisfied with the physical doctor consultation, you can certainly consult a doctor online. Remember, an improved health solution comes from the best rather than from the local physician.
  1. Comprehensive platform: Online doctor consultation is not only patient-doctor interaction, but also about the advanced digital platform; comfortable interface, cloud storage, Centralised Information System (CIS), data security and privacy. The platform manages everything online, from safe payments to delivering you the e-prescription.

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Where Can We Consult A Doctor Online?

On your smartphone only!

With the KR4ALL mobile app, browse and access different healthcare services in India in one place. We are focusing on developing quality and reliable services for citizens and their family.

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We are already partnered with different renowned hospital groups in the country and continue to add more to the list. Our goal defines the society’s well-being.

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