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Women's Health: 6 Common Issues for Women in India

There are several common women’s health issues that affect a woman’s well-being; physically and mentally. Apparently, both men and women are victims of health illnesses; however, there are diseases that influence women differently. Likewise, these female problems are undiagnosed, whereas most of the drug trials are only a part of the male body.

So, what are the factors affecting women’s health in India?

In India, a woman’s health is well connected with the society and culture that she belongs to. The factors include a female’s education, tolerance, physical attacks at home, etc. These are some of the reasons that make a woman weak and put her in a substandard health condition.

Other factors for women’s bad health include:

  • Frequent pregnancy
  • Improper nutrition
  • Menopause
  • Imbalanced men-women ratio
  • Physical harassment
  • Discrimination in society
  • Relationship breakdown

The above factors can have a pathetic influence on females, leading to different women's health issues. If it gets worse, the female problems can even last for a lifetime. Emotionally, these are concerns not only for the female individual, but also for the whole family.

Let’s check the common female problems list below and see how you or your loved one can overcome them:

6 Common Women’s Health Issues in India:

  1. Breast Cancer:

Breast cancer in women is the most common cancer found in Indian women. As recorded, every four minutes, one woman in India is diagnosed with the cancer type; cases found in both rural and urban areas. Generally, it is near to impossible to cure in the final stages, whereas 50% of the cases struggle in the 3rd or 4th stage. Besides, the survival rate of Indian women with breast cancer is about 60%.

Causes and treatment: It is a result of damage to a cell’s DNA, and the illness is likely to be passed on from mother to child. Medical practitioners can detect the cancer via MRI and mammograms (breast X-ray). For breast cancer, doctors remove the tumor using the lumpectomy method. In some cases, it is required to fully remove the breast, known as a "complete mastectomy."

For precaution, women are advised to maintain a healthy weight and get engaged in physical activities. The risk increases in women aged 30 or older.

  1. Heart illness:

Bad heart health is the most common reason for death in the country, including both men and women. As it is lethal to men, it is much more deadly for women as the symptoms are less sensed by them. Common to stroke, other heart diseases found often in women are; Atherosclerosis (stiffness in arteries), Heart Arrhythmias (abnormal rhythm), Dilated Cardiomyopathy (thick heart muscle)

Causes and treatment: There are assorted uncertain reasons that can lead to heart illnesses in women, such as obesity, diabetes, issues in the arteries and family medical background. Doctors extensively advise an ECG and recommend other tests to examine the oxygen flow in the body. In addition, an X-Ray could be similarly helpful to check the blood flow in the body's blood vessels.

In a minor or beginning stage, patients are strictly mentioned to adopt a healthy lifestyle that keeps their sugar and cholesterol levels under control, with some fitness drills added to their daily activities. Whereas in major cases, heart surgery is processed by the senior medical practitioner.

  1. Depression and anxiety:

As women in India are extra involved in family matters, they bear the extreme physical and mental trauma. The burden of the condition is measured at 50% higher than that found in men. Women live with this daily anxiety for a long period, which can even stay with them for a lifetime; it’s nothing less than a disability.

Causes and treatment: It comes natural due to the impressive burden or continuous worry about any issues in life or family. Stress could be one of the major reasons for your brain chemistry imbalance. Other causes include any traumatic event, hormone disparity, or any physical tension. Exercise, yoga, meditation, or sharing issues with your loved ones will improve your condition. A mentor can be useful too.

  1. Obesity:

Interestingly, around 23% of women in India are observed to be obese or overweight, which includes low, middle, and high income groups. An obese woman is at high risk of diabetes and heart illness. The condition is not limited to India but is also a global concern for developed and developing nations.

Causes and treatment: It prevails in women due to polycystic ovary syndrome, and for some other reasons such as genetics, medications, any disease, food intake, etc. Generally, people are screened for obesity by measuring their Body Mass Index; calculating their height and weight ratio. If you are obese, you can certainly get into shape. Try out cardio exercises and eat healthy food. Moreover, join a fitness center and stay motivated towards your health.

  1. Diabetes:

As per the newly released data, more than 250 districts in India are the home of diabetes for middle-aged women. In the context of women’s health, diabetes was never taken for granted and so the risk continues to grow. Though the living body is aware of the condition, it fails to take the necessary actions for prevention.

Causes and treatment: Generally, it is a metabolic disorder caused when your body cannot produce adequate insulin; it comes as you grow old. There are multiple tests to examine a person’s diabetes level; fasting plasma glucose test, A1c test, and others. A change in food habits and exercise are the major lifestyle switches that will control your ill health.

  1. Osteoporosis:

In this condition, the bones of women become weak and fragile, and a risk of easy fracture is posed. It’s all about the imbalance of old and new bones. Similar to heart disease, women are more prone to the illness than men, and it is commonly found in elderly people.

Causes and treatment: Estrogen hormone is highly responsible for your bone density in the body which considerably lowers down after women’s menopause, leading to bone feebleness. Old age, genetics, vitamin deficiency, calcium deficit, etc. are the common causes of the condition. Doctors can prescribe supplements (vitamins and calcium) and recommend some exercise for your health improvement.

Women’s health issues symptoms are required to be closely observed by every woman; a self-assessment with an active approach will help them prevent the risk of any illness. More importantly, it is exceedingly advised to go for a body checkup at least once in a year. The ingenuity will help to detect any illness in the first stage and eliminate any major risk.

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What to do with the most common female health problems?

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