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India’s Progress Towards Digital Healthcare: Insights by KR4ALL

India has made significant progress in the field of digital healthcare in recent years. The government of India has launched several initiatives to promote the use of technology in healthcare, such as the National Health Stack, which aims to create a digital infrastructure for health data and services, and the Ayushman Bharat National Health Protection Scheme, which aims to provide health insurance coverage to more than 100 million economically disadvantaged families.

The demand of technology in every field is real and so for the health industry. There is nothing to unveil how digital health can improve different diagnostic practices. Whether it is the real time diagnostics, CDS tools or data driven solutions, digital healthcare has a lot to offer in treating patients efficiently. The advancement is introduced to mitigate various health worries that support patients, doctors and other health workers.

Like many other countries, COVID was a bonanza for India’s healthcare industry that enhances the adoption of digital health services in the nation. The on-demand health services used by patients during the time has helped to gain trust of people. Besides, the newbies who hesitated to make a use of any digital services earlier, were testing digital health services positively.

India Digital Healthcare: Overview

As recorded, less than 10% of people have chosen online doctor consultation in 2020, which gradually increased to more than 30% in 2021. Consequently, the need for virtual doctor consultation in the modern era has become factual.

In India, healthcare is termed as one of the biggest markets which certainly has potential to expand. Furthermore, the country is thrilled to receive investments from both public and private sectors. Digital healthcare solutions in India has a larger space now where innovations such as telehealth, telemedicines etc. are driving the industry.

As expected, India’s eHealth market will reach more than USD 10 billion by 2025.

Digital healthcare in India is being used to improve access to healthcare in remote and underserved areas. Telemedicine, for example, is being used to connect patients in remote areas with healthcare professionals in urban areas. This is helping to improve the quality of care and reduce the burden on hospitals and clinics in urban areas.

Besides, related health services such as fitness and wellness, health insurance, food supplements and others have their own contributions to the Indian healthcare industry.

India Digital Healthcare: Challenges

Despite many advances, India still faces several challenges in the field of digital healthcare. One major challenge is the need to improve the country's digital infrastructure, particularly in rural and remote areas. Another challenge is the need to train healthcare workers to use digital tools and technology effectively. Additionally, there is still a need to address issues related to data privacy and security, especially in the context of sensitive health information.

Moving forward, data accessibility will be a game changer for the healthcare industry as it drives quick patient records helping medical professionals in expedite treatment. The accurate data is a genuine reason that reduces treatment wait time and facilitates healthier decision making. Consequently, it makes a better healthcare system for patients with minimised cost.

Overall, India has made significant progress in the field of digital healthcare, but there is still a lot of work to be done to fully realise the potential of technology to improve access to and the quality of healthcare in the country.

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