10 Popular Myths About Covid-19 Busted

Through the course of the ongoing pandemic, information about it has become the prime aspect of anyone's day. With that being said, a large amount of misinformation in the form of myths is rampant and is the source of fear for a large section of the society. We’re here to break some of those myths that are a result of misinformation and miscommunication.

1. COVID-19 Spreads Through A Mosquito Bite:

There is no evidence that the novel coronavirus Covid-19 can be spread through mosquitoes. It however can be spread through the interaction of the droplets from a person’s cough, sneeze or even just a close interaction.

2. Covid-19 Can Be Transmitted Through Goods Manufactured In Countries With An Ongoing Pandemic:

The virus is capable of lasting on surfaces for long periods of time. However, the varying temperatures and conditions while shipping makes it difficult for the virus to survive. To be on the safer side, it is always best to disinfect the surface and also wash and sanitize your hands after interacting with it.

3. Drinking Alcohol Prevents Covid-19 Infection:

Drinking alcohol and alcoholic beverages doesn’t prevent the novel coronavirus from causing an infection. Washing hands often, wearing masks and social distancing are sure shot methods to prevent the spread of the virus and hence control its infection.

4. Covid-19 Transmits More In A Hot And Humid Climate Than A Cold Climate:

The climatic conditions of a region don’t determine the spread of this virus. Whether a hot and humid region, or a region with cold climate, this virus transmits irrespectively. Hence, it is a must to practice personal hygiene and curb the transmission of the infection.

5. UV Bulbs Can Be Used To Curb Covid-19 Infection:

UV bulbs don’t curb the spread of the COVID - 19 infection. They will just lead to an extreme irritation to the skin if exposed to the bulb for a prolonged duration.

6. Spraying Alcohol Or Chlorine On The Body Prevents The Spread Of The Virus:

Spraying alcohol or chlorine doesn’t curb the virus from interacting with your body. Adverse effects of doing this could result in burns and damage to the skin tissues, eyes and lips. 

7. Eating Garlic Can Prevent A Covid-19 Infection:

Garlic has been proven to have antimicrobial properties and is said to have properties to cure the common cold and flu among other benefits. However, when it comes to the novel coronavirus, there’s no evidence of garlic preventing the infection. COVID-19 is caused by a virus and not bacteria. 

8. Rinsing The Nasal Passage With A Saline Solution Can Prevent Covid-19:

Studies and evidence suggest that rinsing the nasal passage with a saline solution aid in the recovery from the common cold. However, this method isn’t effective in the battle against infections, respiratory diseases and the novel coronavirus. 

9. The Pneumonia Vaccine Can Prevent Covid-19:

Pneumonia unlike the novel coronavirus infection was discovered and the vaccine developed over a fairly long period of time. This virus is new, is different from the other strains of virus and hence requires a different vaccine to be developed for its cure. 

10. Digital Thermometers Are 100% Effective In Detecting Covid-19 Patients:

The virus takes about 1-14 days to incubate in the carrier and cause symptoms like a fever or a dry cough. Hence this method isn't 100% effective in detecting a COVID-19 positive patient. However, an RT PCR(Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction) test is the most effective method to detect the presence of the COVID-19 virus in human cells.

It is highly recommended to stay informed about all the updated health norms and notices by your local health administration and not invalidated information spread by means of any of the social media.

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