Top 5 Ways to Save Money at the Pharmacy

If you have ever observed that you are paying high for your medicine bills, chances are that you are correct. There are certain ways that you can help yourself to reduce the cost for the same medication.

So, what are you doing wrong, or, how to save money on your prescription...

Let’s understand the tips below in detail:

Tips to save money on your medicines:

We did not mean that the pharmacies aim to plunder your money or misguide you with your requirements to upsell the products. The logic of saving medication costs is simple; we need to be proactive with certain elements— from doctor consultation to post medication at home.

KR4ALL, is an advanced online health consultation app that connects you with certified doctors from all over the country and facilitates users to buy medicine online straight from the mobile app. We believe in our users’ well-being and support the community with useful services to create a healthy society.

In this blog, we have come up with useful tips to save you money on your upcoming medicine purchases. Let’s begin!

[1] Looking for generic medicine or alternatives:

Generic medicines are the same composition that is available at the low cost. The only difference is that these renowned medicine manufacturers charge a high rate compared to the alternatives. You may find a change in shape or colour, but it is the same thing that your body is consuming. There are different brands that come with the same formula with different prices.

Review your prescription and don’t hesitate to ask for alternatives with the same composition.

[2] Understanding your healthcare service provider policy:

If you have health insurance and recently got discharged from the hospital (covered by your insurance company), you would certainly be buying regular medicines for the next one or two months, as prescribed by the doctor. As many of us are not aware of this, your health insurance also covers post 60 to 180 days of your treatment. That means, you get reimbursed for the medical bills that are prescribed to the patient. Reach out to your insurer and collect the respective information.

Consequently, this will save you a good amount of money on the pharmacy bills.

[3] Shop smartly:

Medical concerns at home are never relaxing. At this time, we often think emotionally rather than handle the situation practically. We often end up buying medicines for a month as prescribed by the doctors and waste some tablets from the package due to change in medication after doctor follow ups or other reasons.

Only buy large quantity medicines in case of pre-existing disease which include medication for a longer period. For instance, medicine for blood pressure, diabetes etc.

Keep in touch with the doctor for a correct change in medication as per your health improvement, than consuming the same drug, which may possess negative health impact.

[4] Shop around to get best price:

A little effort to find best discount rates on medicines can bring you an eminent result in terms of cost cutting. There are renowned shops offering 5% to 20% discounts on respective medicine categories. Still, it is a challenge that takes your energy and time.

KR4ALL is a handy application that gets you the best discount rates from different pharmacies around you, and brings you comfort to order medicine online. Enjoy collective health benefits all from one platform.

[5] Stay in touch with your medicine ordering partner:

In this competitive market, every medicine shop has something special to offer to their clients. Likewise, if you are regularly in touch with your medicine ordering partner, you can certainly make the most use of their discount and offers. Keep an eye on the various offerings and grab the fruitful deals.

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The Takeaway:

Indeed, we all look to reduce our costs for various daily purchases. It is an undefined pleasure that we feel when we buy something on discount or at a lower rate. However, when it comes to medicine purchase, we cannot make any adjustments with our health. Hence, it is intrinsic to understand the different medical elements and properly research the prescribed medicines. 

Follow the above mentioned tips to save some money in your pocket.

You can also turn up to KR4ALL mobile app, to compare different pharmacy prices and buy meds online; at best costs.

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