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Why To Sell Medicines Online: 5 Reasons to Success and Growth

Likewise, if you are a medical store, you would certainly feel the same, i.e. to reach more customers and make your products visible to your audience.

Generally, online platforms are the best source to reach out to new clients. Every company has social media presence, but that is to enhance your business visibility. For effective sales growth and precise user-interaction, pharmacies need an online medical store / online medicine app.

Mobile app for medical shops is an advanced system that keeps a customer connected with the medical store every time; even when they are on vacation. It is a resource for medical stores to manage orders, refunds and interact with customers; all from one online pharmacy app.

KR4ALL pharmacy app is a user-friendly platform for medicine sellers and pharmacies to grow their business; an easy to connect mobile app that supports to grow medicine orders.

How KR4ALL helps you to build your medical store online:

A mobile app for health services that connects your pharmacy with the local customers is the demand of digital care every modern user looks for. It possesses standardisation and adds extra customization for the buyer.

Let’s check the below reasons why your medical shop should consider KR4ALL pharmacy app:

[1] Help patients with extra care:

Let’s understand a patient's condition when they visit a doctor and then run to the pharmacies for medicines. It not only consumes their time, but also adds a little mental disturbance. With an option to order medicine online, we add comfort and care with our medicines. Consequently, they can order directly from the mobile app without worrying of physically visiting the store or calling the shop.

[2] Save your time:

When we get a bunch of customers at our medical shop, sometimes, it gets difficult to manage them; everyone has their own list. Likewise, settling an order i.e. checking prescription, packing medicines and collecting payment- the process takes a bit time. Where in online medicine apps, order payments are precisely managed, that saves us enough time.

In addition, there is no rush in the store so the staff can work freely on orders and initiate the order process much quicker. A mobile app for medical stores saves both patient and store staff’s time.

[3] Direct orders:

As patients are not required to visit the store anymore, they can directly place the order from the mobile app and connect with the pharmacy. Besides, there is no need to call back patients for order confirmation or take delivery details (name, address, phone etc.). Everything is precisely received by the system in the pharmacy app.

No phone calls, or physically attending customers; take direct orders from the pharmacy partner mobile app.

[4] Build patients’ support:

A medical store app allows users to make an order from their convenience; anytime from anywhere. One can even order medicines for their loved ones when they are not in town. The easy-to-order and flexible approach encourages users to make it a preferred order system. An accessible service to build customer trust.

[5] Provide better customer service:

It’s not just about orders, but also coming up as a complete solution for medicine management, that handles new orders, recurring orders, refunds and cancellations. Importantly, users can share their feedback on each order that they make; making it a better platform to gather customer response.

Join KR4ALL pharmacy app:

Like any other services, medical shops are also growing their network. From physical medical purchase to taking orders on call, and now having a dedicated online  channel is a trend that is followed to increase revenue and comfort. Consequently, with the existence of smartphones (almost in every home), mobile apps are turning the game for every business.

Digitisation is the need of the hour!

Download the KR4ALL pharmacy app from Google play store or Apple store, and expand your customer reach with your online presence. Join us in the journey of “Care For All.”

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