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How KR4ALL Brings Profitability to Pharmacists

Over the past few years, healthcare services got advanced. Not only the service providers, but users have also recognised the technological advantages; pharmacist technology, pharmacist apps, doctor consultations, online help, etc. Technology has immensely helped in monitoring, booking, maintaining records, and other crucial health services. Likewise, the segment has been an actual reason for pharmacies to grow and transform their businesses.

How you can grow your pharmacy business in India:

The pharmacist app is the new system that people have embraced to check, review, and order their medicines; partners have enjoyed lavish benefits and observed agile transactions. Likewise, the organisations have smooth control over orders and refunds. It’s a better way to interact with your customers, receive orders, and track their information.

Modern users don’t intend to visit a physical medical store but use technology for their medicine shopping. The best pharmacist app consists of integral functionalities and a user-friendly interface. The automated pharmacy arrangement is the future, bringing profitability to everyone.

Key trends for pharmacists' business profit are:

  1. Shifting to a digital business model
  1. Reaching out to customers using different channels
  1. Developing as a brand
  1. Investing in technology

"The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don't really even notice it, so it's part of everyday life."

-Bill Gates

KR4ALL, an online platform for different health care services, brings opportunities for Indian pharmacists to connect to the digital channel and grow their revenue. The reliable pharmacy mobile app for businesses to attract new customers near you!

We make it digital for you, enabling the power of the internet to reach a large audience. Get a dedicated e-platform for your pharmacy or medicine store with no development cost.

Let’s take it to the next level with technology!

How the KR4ALL pharma mobile app helps your business profit:

  1. Digitalization: Modern users don’t like to visit store to store for their medical needs. Instead, they prefer to surf the internet and order from a reliable source. In the digitalization era, not only food, but people also get their medicines delivered at home. We perceive the healthcare market and have comprehended all the required pharmacy tech tools to make it feasible for our partners. Take orders directly from customers on your smartphone and settle them using the partner app.
  1. Adding convenience to your customers: Profitability comes with customers. The more you keep your clients happy, the more often they will visit you for their requirements, or refer to their networks; a dependable pharmacy is only a message away from their customers. Always stay in the loop, send updates on offers and follow up on regular medicine. The KR4ALL pharma app works as a complete order management system that adds several benefits and brings you closer to your customers.
  1. E-prescriptions: Everyone is not comfortable with manual medicine search and adding them to the cart for order. This really makes it a time-consuming process, whereas our goal is to benefit them with convenience. With the KR4ALL app, patients can directly upload their prescriptions and get their order confirmed; all government-authorised prescriptions are accepted by the platform.
  1. Mobile app bookings: We know how the technology trend is transiting from the web to the mobile app. Everyone uses their mobile phone when it comes to shopping; shoes, tickets, clothes, etc. The tendency continues when it comes to healthcare products. Consequently, a pharmacist mobile app brings extra orders for your medicine store, resulting in business profitability.
  1. Easy-to-manage returns and refunds: Returns and refunds are part of the pharmacist's business model. It may sound painless, but it can certainly lead to mismanaged situations if not handled precisely. With the KR4ALL pharma app, you can develop a whole automated system for orders, exchanges, returns, and refunds. Owners and store managers can also review detailed reports to understand their order flows; everything from the partner app.
  1. Advancement: A pharmacy app for medicine is more than just selling medication. Reliability depends on different technology aspects, including partners’ data security, safe payment systems, and other vulnerabilities. Getting partnered with KR4ALL brings you all the ad ons at no extra cost. Technology will continue to grow and you will enjoy each required advancement in the in-built pharmacist mobile app.

We're on a mission to build a one-stop health care solution for all citizens and service providers.

We are here to care!

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