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Key tips to stay healthy this summer

Summer is a joy. The season means sunshine, long day time, vacation and picnic. However, with the change in temperature, people are likely to be exposed to several health complications. It is common to observe dehydration and intermittent diet in people. Actually, summer revamps your lifestyle; change in diet, exercise regime and cleanliness. Consequently, governments release their specific health guidelines to stay healthy in the summer season, and even children get a periodic 15 to 30 days off from their schools and colleges when the temperature is high.

Certainly, the weather change is a concern for our bad health, leading to various diseases and illnesses.

How can you stay healthy in summer:

Health is the utmost element that you should care about. Being healthy helps you perform your daily tasks utterly. We, KR4ALL, are promoting digitization in the health sector. We understand health changes during different seasons and help you with instant doctor consultation to stay healthy. We are just a request away to connect you to a specialised doctor.

Anyways, hot summer weather is a difficult phase for many, but you can pass it comfortably by following certain tips. Let’s learn about the effective ways of staying healthy during summer:

  1. Add Fresh Summer Food To Your Diet: Seasonal food always brings welfare to your health. To beat the summer season heat, your body asks for cold food items that balance the body temperature. Some of the healthy summer foods that contain loads of benefits are tender coconut, fruit juice, watermelon, buttermilk and cucumber. These items supply proper vitamins and antioxidants to your body, and are good for your stomach. Add these items to your meals to stay healthy in summer.
  2. Keep Yourself Hydrated: The most known and major matter of concern in summer is water intake and body hydration. Around 60% of a human body is made up of water and the component is imperative to supply nutrients to the body, and also aids in maintaining body temperature, digestion and blood circulation. Heat and sweat will make your body struggling and hydrated, which leads to cramps in muscles and fatigue. Consequently, having enough water is a necessity during summer.
  3. Proper Skincare: The summer heat influences your skin to a high extent. It not only takes away the natural glow, but also opens room for several infections. It is essential to moisturise your skin, and use proper precautions when going out in the sun. If possible, wear UV sunglasses everytime you go out in the sun. Wash your face with water at different intervals for skin hydration. Besides, for females, it is integral to avoid heavy makeup.
  4. Manage Your Outdoor Activities: Summers can seriously make you burn out if your city experiences high temperatures. You may feel the afternoon beginning from 10 am till 5 pm in the evening. It becomes onerous to travel during this period; whether it is for work, event or any other purpose. Likewise, for better health, restrict outdoor visits and activities during afternoon, and utilise the cooler day part accordingly.
  5. Take A Health Check-up: Everyone has a different body type, and it continues to develop certain changes as per your growing age. You cannot really tell what will go wrong in the near future, even if you take care of your health to the best of your ability. Hence, a body health check-up is the foremost course of action that will help you to detect your health complications. The early detection will certainly prevent serious harm.

Summers make a favourable condition for different bacterias, parasites and viruses that leads to the outbreak of summer diseases and illnesses. For any severe health condition, it is advised to consult a doctor at the earliest.

Follow the above mentioned tips and prevent yourself from any ailments. You would only enjoy the summer season if you and family are fit and healthy!

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